SMTP-SINK(1)                                         SMTP-SINK(1)

       smtp-sink - multi-threaded SMTP/LMTP test server

       smtp-sink [options] [inet:][host]:port backlog

       smtp-sink [options] unix:pathname backlog

       smtp-sink listens on the named host (or address) and port.
       It takes SMTP messages from the network  and  throws  them
       away.   The  purpose is to measure client performance, not
       protocol compliance.

       Connections can be accepted on  IPV4  endpoints  or  UNIX-
       domain sockets.  IPV4 is the default.  This program is the
       complement of the smtp-source(1) program.


       -a     Do not announce SASL authentication support.

       -c     Display a running counter that is updated  whenever
              an SMTP QUIT command is executed.

       -C     Disable XCLIENT support.

       -e     Do not announce ESMTP support.

       -f command,command,...
              Reject  the  specified  commands  with a hard (5xx)
              error code.

       -F     Disable XFORWARD support.

       -h     Use hostname in the  SMTP  greeting,  in  the  HELO
              response,  and  in  the  EHLO response. The default
              hostname is "smtp-sink".

       -L     Enable LMTP instead of SMTP.

       -n count
              Terminate after count sessions. This is for testing

       -p     Do  not announce support for ESMTP command pipelin-

       -P     Change the server greeting so that  it  appears  to
              come through a CISCO PIX system. Implies -e.

       -q command,command,...
              Disconnect  (without  replying) after receiving one
              of the specified commands.

       -r command,command,...
              Reject the specified commands  with  a  soft  (4xx)
              error code.

       -s command,command,...
              Log  the  named  commands  to syslogd.  Examples of
              commands that can be logged are HELO,  EHLO,  LHLO,
              MAIL,  RCPT,  VRFY,  RSET, NOOP, and QUIT. Separate
              command names by white space  or  commas,  and  use
              quotes  to protect white space from the shell. Com-
              mand names are case-insensitive.

       -v     Show the SMTP conversations.

       -w delay
              Wait delay seconds before responding to a DATA com-

       -8     Do not announce 8BITMIME support.

              Listen  on  network  interface  host  (default: any
              interface) TCP port port. Both host and port may be
              specified in numeric or symbolic form.

              Listen on the UNIX-domain socket at pathname.

              The  maximum  length  the  queue of pending connec-
              tions, as defined by the listen(2) call.

       smtp-source(1), SMTP/LMTP message generator

       The Secure Mailer license must be  distributed  with  this

       Wietse Venema
       IBM T.J. Watson Research
       P.O. Box 704
       Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA